Cambridge Checkpoint English First: Understanding sub-strands in Primary and Lower Secondary Reading Exams

Workshop 2

Price: 800 EGP. 800 EGP.

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Workshop Description:

This workshop will focus on the sub-strands in the primary and lower secondary Cambridge Checkpoint Reading Exam. Participants will identify and discuss these sub-strands, analyze exam papers, and classify questions accordingly. We'll also explore how insights from sub-strands can enhance teaching and why understanding them is crucial for educators.


Workshop Outline: 
In this workshop, we will:

  • Identify and discuss sub-strands in the primary and lower secondary Cambridge Checkpoint Reading Exam.
  • Analyze reading exam papers and classify the questions under their sub-strands.
  • Analyze insights of the sub-strands and how these can help in teaching.
  • Learn why understanding sub-strands is important for teachers.

Who Should Attend:
All English teachers, new or experienced, teaching Cambridge Primary or Lower Secondary Checkpoint who want to understand what sub-strands are and why they are important in informing teaching.

Certificates and Benefits:
Attendance will be awarded with the following two certificates:  

  • THE GATE Certificate of Attendance
  • The CPD Standards Office Certificate, UK, upon effective participation and completion of all tasks during the workshop.

Session Duration and Fees: 
3 hours | 800 EGP (
approximately $17) 

Our workshops are always on Saturdays, starting at 6 PM Cairo time. Upon booking the workshop, a mail will be sent to you a week before the workshop to specify the exact date of the workshop.

Workshop Instructor: 
Taha Mohamed
Cambridge Assessment Specialist      
THE GATE Series Author