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*This version is accessible through THE GATE website only for online browsing. It is not printable nor downloadable.

THE GATE series is a comprehensive study guide designed specifically for year 8 students preparing for the Cambridge Checkpoint Exams. This series equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in 
the exams and achieve their academic goals.  

Divided into THREE distinct BOOKS, each with a specific focus, this series covers a wide range of topics and provides ample practice opportunities for students to enhance their understanding and application of the subject matter.  
Book 1: Language System and Literary Devices 
Book 2: Reading and Writing Skills 
Book 3: Answer Key for all practice activities and questions provided in Book 1 & 2 

Book 1 is a comprehensive guide that focuses on language systems and literary devices, specifically grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and language techniques.  
Divided into TWO UNITS, the book covers all these aspects in both reading and writing.

  • Each unit begins with the unit’s objectives aligned with the new framework and concludes with the Cambridge Checkpoint Zone, featuring questions relevant to the unit as they appeared in Cambridge exams.
  • Each unit is divided into lessons and topics, presented with clarity and precision. Topics are explained thoroughly, followed by practice exercises inspired by the Cambridge question style. 
  • Each unit fosters both theoretical knowledge and practical skills development, preparing learners to confidently tackle challenges using the Cambridge examination style. 

"Reading and Writing Skills Book" is an expertly crafted book, thoughtfully divided into two units, dedicated to sharpening reading and writing skills for Cambridge Checkpoint learners.  

Within the reading unit, learners will master the art of interpreting texts, analyzing their structures, and cultivating profound appreciation while engaging in reflective practices.  
In the writing segment, the book meticulously focuses on honing text organization and nurturing creativity for captivating compositions.  
This indispensable resource strives to empower students with the essential tools to achieve an OUTSTANDING band in their Cambridge Checkpoint exams.  

Book three provides answers to all practice provided in books 1&2

ISBN: 9789779473253
Format: eBooks _ Book 1, 2, and 3
Learning Stage: Key Stage 3 
Qualification: Cambridge Checkpoint
Version: 2023/2024 


*This version is accessible through THE GATE website only for online browsing. It is not printable nor downloadable.

The Checkpoint English Exam assesses students in two key language areas: Reading and Writing.

The exam aims to provide an internationally recognized benchmark of a student's English language abilities, helping schools and educators identify areas of strength and areas that may require further development.

The exam consists of two papers: 
Paper 1: Non-fiction reading and writing / 70 minutes / 50 markes 
Paper 2: Fiction reading and writing / 70 minutes / 50 markes 
The Cambridge Checkpoint English Exam provides valuable feedback to students, parents, and teachers, allowing them to monitor progress and identify areas for improvement. It also serves as a foundation for students who wish to pursue the Cambridge IGCSE or other Cambridge International AS & A Level qualifications in English language or literature.